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Marketing & Design

Branding | Web Solutions | Animation

Giant Mouse

We bring out the best
in your business.

Giant Mouse Logo Design


Make an impression.
Strong typography and visuals,
inventive designs.

Giant Mouse Web Design

Web Design

Stand out!
Bespoke web development.
Animation + movies.


Giant Mouse Print Media

Print Media

Enhance your image.
Brochures | Exhibition Media
Point of Sale | Packaging


Giant Mouse Innovate
Giant Mouse Who we are

Who we are

Giant Mouse are a creative marketing, design,
web and print company.

Giant Mouse Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Over twenty years international experience,
graphic design, web solutions, print and media.

Giant Mouse how we work

How we work

A well integrated group of freelancers,
we deliver creative and productive results.

Why Giant Mouse


Branding, web design,
animation and print.

Giant Mouse Keep it simple

We keep it simple

Contact us, consultation,
design, approval and provision.

Giant Mouse Contact us

Contact us

For consultation and more information


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